While pursuing an MFA in Ceramics, Robin Leventhal took a summer job in catering.  This lead to an illustrative career in food stretching 3 decades, including placing 5th on Top Chef.  Now it’s time to focus back on her first love, clay.

Robin brings her years of being a chef and re-imagines the table top to elevate your dining experience. Inspired by nature, her forms evoke fluidity from the ocean and pods collected over the years.  She is an avid gardener which immerses her face to face in the macro world, further informing organic elements into her work.

Surface tension and erosion embody the idea of time, a construct all living things are bound to. Erosion, oxidation and patinas all tell their own story. It is the embodiment of a history and journey that adds a sense of mystery and compels tactile curiosity for the user.

The pliability and sensuality of clay merge to create forms that are both aesthetically driven while simultaneously functional. With a move from sculptural pieces to utilitarian, Robin asks, why not serve delicious food in salacious service vessels, pleasure magnified by both.